Sunless Skies: Wayfarer Update coming 9 April

By Hannah Flynn, March 28, 2019 · Sunless Skies


Last month, we announced we were working on the first of several major updates to Sunless Skies, with a focus on providing more to see and do during voyages.

We’re now ready to talk more about that release: it will be called the Wayfarer Update, and it will be available on 9th April. It will contain a major rework of Albion, as well as many narrative additions – see below for more details!


For this update, we’ve completely reworked the map of Albion, with three main aims:

1) Improving the general look and atmosphere of the region. A few screenshots…

Near the Mausoleum:




The Avid Horizon:


2) Adding more terrain to make navigation and combat more interesting. Albion will still be much more open than the Reach, except in a small number of locations like the Ormswald. For comparison, here’s a diagram of Traitor’s Wood from when we were designing it:


And here’s one of the new areas in Albion (the coloured patches and letters in these images are related to agent and discovery spawning):


3) Creating more variety in the creatures, locomotives and discoveries players can encounter on any given journey. Right now, many areas of the game can be quite predictable in terms of what you’ll find there. We’re hoping that introducing more variation will improve the experience when visiting areas you’ve already explored; if it does, we’ll do more of this in the other regions, as well. Please let us know what you think once you’ve played the update!

High Wilderness stories

We’ll also be adding many more narrative encounters that can take place during voyages, including most (and hopefully all, but we can’t promise that just yet) of the following:

  • Many new ways to encounter the gods of the skies, draw their attention or their ire, and benefit or suffer from it.
  • Suffering the attacks of certain foes may now have a variety of delayed consequences. In particular, caution when engaging Guests is now advised.
  • It will now be possible to more closely investigate several of the greatest wonders and horrors of the skies when your travels bring you near them.
  • Sometimes, you will be able to deploy your officers to pursue shore-side opportunities – these will be focused around Albion for now, but we’ll add more if you enjoy them!

Finally, to stay up to date on what we’re doing:

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