A Sightseer’s Guide to Sunless Sea, part three

By Failbetter, June 24, 2014 · Sightseer's Guide

Being a handy series of illustrated guides for voyagers of the Unterzee. Not tried Sunless Sea yet? Get it here.

The Bat Swarm


Here are the little cousins of night. They are succulent with stolen blood. Don’t let them get close. Already your crew cry out in fear.

The Albino Moray


Your attention drifts as you hack up the beast. Somehow, you seem no longer to be engaged in dissection, but climbing a pale shingle beach. The pebbles glisten with slime. You look back down the beach to the Unterzee: shafts of light pierce the darkness. “The Sun!” cries a voice. “The Sun!”

No: no Sun. You are kneeling in darkness, in the disintegrating innards of a giant eel.

The Lorn-Fluke


“Do you recall how they came to that place? And you sang of your lightnings and shapeful disgrace? They tilted their vanes and ennobled their spires. You welcomed them then and commingled all choirs.

“You can remember those days. It can be as it was.”


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Herm Jun 24, 2:00pm

The pretty little Lorn-Fluke! <3 My destiny is tied up with them. I will bring them the sky. If I brought back a few chunks of Albino Moray, do you think some enterprising soul back in the Fifth City would jelly them?