Another update to Outfits in Fallen London

By Sara Veal, August 3, 2020 · Fallen London

Thank you for all your feedback to last week’s update. In response to it, we have rolled back several of the restrictions on outfit changes.

We’ve removed the restriction on changing within storylets. It is once again possible to change freely there, as long as it’s in an area where changing is otherwise unrestricted.

We have also temporarily locked The Watchmaker’s Daughter while we revise it to work without the storylet feature.

Some map areas remain restricted, and we are currently reviewing each of these in detail to determine where to keep the restrictions and where to remove them. We will provide an update on this soon.

Thank you again for your time and comments. We are listening and taking it onboard as we move forward with Fallen London.



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The Curious Peregrine Aug 3, 8:52pm

It is sincerely appreciated, and I'm truly very sorry we had to dampen your enthusiasm around new game ideas in the process. (For what it's worth—and I hope I'm not just rubbing salt in the wound, that's not the intention—I again second the notion that some limited new specific areas with well-thought-out outfit restrictions—and forewarning as to what one needed to dress for—could be perfectly well-appreciated and engaging, as contrasting game-play, in ways that having our hands tied behind our back more regularly cannot be.)

Serum0 Aug 3, 4:24pm

Thank you! Everything else from the update was good, it was just this one thing that was awefull, so thank you for changing it. Now I am satisfied with this update, good job! It's a sign of a good game developer when they are willing to take feedback from their community.

Shalinoth Aug 3, 4:06pm

Thank you for taking feedback on board. I look forwards to seeing the outfit lock in places where it makes sense, especially in new stories designed with it in mind, and where it makes a lot of sense in older ones - with a 'sartorial caveat' upon entry!

Sacchi Aug 3, 2:40pm

Hopefully some of the nastier comments stop after this decision. I might have disliked the change, but the way some people were responding to it made me uncomfortable being a part of the community.