Update to Outfits in Fallen London

By Hannah Flynn, July 29, 2020 · Fallen London

Today we’re introducing some changes to the way Outfits work in Fallen London. UPDATE: See the end of this post!

You are now able to purchase additional Outfits with Fate. Exceptional Friends now receive two extra Outfits as part of their subscription. The maximum number of Outfits you can have is now ten!

We’re removing the ability to change Outfits while in storylets and in certain settings (in particular where your character wouldn’t reasonably be able to access their wardrobe, or a convenient steamer trunk).

We’ve thought quite carefully about this, and hope that it will create more opportunities for us to introduce strategic gameplay built around selection of Outfit, and allow for you to make more creative sartorial application of a wider range of clothing. We’ve prepared a little story to illustrate how these applications work; look for a continuation of the Watchmaker’s Daughter story on the card Devices and Desires in your Opportunity Deck.

Lastly, there are a few helpful functional changes to the way Outfits behave:

  • You can now rename Outfits.
  • Saving an Outfit is now an explicit choice (so if you change your hat while wearing an Outfit, you will have to explicitly save changes to that Outfit for that hat to be part of the outfit the next time you change into it).
  • You can now filter equipment by a specific quality.

We hope you have fun investigating these changes! If you have any feedback, please send it as usual to If you find anything that doesn’t look like it’s working as intended, please send it to

UPDATE, 31st July:

On Wednesday we made a number of changes to outfits. One in particular has provoked a lot of discussion and controversy: the restrictions on changing outfits within storylets and certain game locations.
We’ve been following these discussions, and wanted to share some information about what we’d like to achieve in this area, and the changes we currently expect to make.


There are three things we’d like restrictions on outfit changing to achieve:

1) Allowing us to create new gameplay challenges that are more varied, strategic and replayable.
2) Giving worth to a greater variety of equipment. Previously, equipment with a best-in-slot bonus for a single stat was far more valuable than equipment with multiple good bonuses (with very limited exceptions).
3) Reducing the amount of clicking involved in mechanically optimal play.


The current approach has achieved the first and second of these goals. However, we think it has not achieved the third, and that it has even made that aspect of the game somewhat worse.

The main reason for this is storylets the player can freely enter and leave. Previously players could switch their outfit while in that storylet; now they can do exactly the same thing, except they have to back out of the storylet first, switch their outfit, and then re-open it.

We think this is genuinely problematic, so we’re going to scale back the restrictions on outfit changing, so players can do this straightforwardly in a greater range of situations. That will happen sometime in the next few weeks.

We haven’t decided yet exactly what the new restrictions will be, but we can say that we won’t be completely removing them – that would put us back where we started in relation to the first and second goals. At the very least, we’ll be keeping restrictions on outfit change in some game locations – for instance, when you’re conducting a heist.

And of course, we’ll also be looking at places where outfit restrictions cause mischief for a specific story, like Flint or player marriage.

It’s also possible that we’ll add more free outfits, either for everyone or as things unlocked in the course of play. We’d expect to make a decision on this after we’ve scaled back the outfit changing restrictions and seen how they affect the game for a wide range of players.

We realise some players who enjoy heavy optimisation would still prefer us to remove restrictions on outfit changing altogether. We know we may not be able to convince you, or at least not right now, but there are a couple of points we’d like to make which we hope will make it easier to understand our perspective.

First, this style of play is not as widespread as it might sometimes seem from discussion in our community spaces. We’ve consistently found that people play and enjoy Fallen London in a wide variety of ways, and that those who’re particularly invested in optimisation are more likely to participate frequently in forum (and now Discord) discussions.

Second, we think the long term benefits of these restrictions are not yet obvious, because we can’t overhaul all of Fallen London to take advantage of the new gameplay possibilities with our limited resources. Right now, we’re a team of 15 people split across four projects (Fallen London, the Sunless Skies Sovereign Edition, and two Secret Things). When we add functionality to enable new design possibilities, it takes time for us to create new stories that take full advantage of it, or to rework older ones.

It might be worth mentioning in this connection that when we introduced broad difficulty seven years ago, that change was considerably more unpopular. In the short term, it meant that players failed more challenges, and the bulk of the game’s content still hadn’t been designed to take advantage of the benefits it offered. However, it stopped being controversial quite quickly, and the design possibilities it opened up greatly improved the game.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has shared their feedback and thereby helped us to make Fallen London better.


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HelpIamaCabbage Aug 1, 9:17am

There definitely are context where you should not be able to change your clothes (in a heist, when you are invited to a party, etc.) You probably shouldn't be able to change your clothes while they are alive and uncooperative in Polythreme, or while you are in some other time (i.e. action) limited story. But it does seem somewhat incongruous that in any storylet that asks for it I can immediately provide thousands of bottles of wine or dead rats or any other thing I own (despite presumably not walking around London at all times with a huge sack of rats and hauling a sledge loaded with wine), but "putting on a different hat" is so much harder to do.

Robin Alexander Aug 1, 5:16am

I do agree with some others, that this feels far too much like a way to force people to buy fate. In a highly restrictive game, in which it can take actions to move back and forth (already annoying if you need to go back to fetch an item), now we must do the same for want of equipping the wrong thing. Heck, even big-name RPGs will let you change/use items/outfits mid-battle, let alone area. I feel you've overestimated how much people want realism - realism, I'll add, in a game about space bats, vampires, and squid men.

Bored Jul 31, 9:18pm

Update. I have now found on the forum that you can unlock your outfit by reloading the web page. Thank goodness! Hopefully, once this bug is fixed and we can see what was intended with this update, we can give more meaningful feedback.

The Curious Peregrine Jul 31, 6:00pm

Having slept on it, my thoughts can be condensed to: By all means, add new areas where clothes options are locked. Great idea, for the first two reasons stated! But please don't just have that be "the majority of the game"/"anywhere in a storylet"; the game 'till now having been designed the way it was, the primary consequence is to make the game more stressful ("more strategic" in this case means "lots of places where players must be vigilant against making mistakes"). In my head the ideal case would be something like: A limited number of new areas, with bold warnings before to the effect of, "You will not have access to any equipment you do not wear in with you; choose what you bring carefully. (This area has Shadowy, Dangerous, and Red Science challenges)" [As an aside and out of an abundance of caution, I void any claim to any suggestions I've made in this thread in case any of these suggestions overlap with anything the team actually wants to do, copyright law being the insipid monster that it is and all that.]

Wrenchal Leadfeather Jul 31, 5:02pm

I still can't change my outfit in my lodgings, and not in any storylet.

andy Jul 31, 9:46am

Wasted God knows how many actions trying to change an ourfit, I'm in my lodgings and can't really work out why I "wouldn't reasonably be able to access (my) wardrobe". This is really rather dull.

Bored Jul 31, 8:50am

If you could provide a hint of at least one way to be able to change outfit. I'm stuck.

The Curious Peregrine Jul 31, 8:21am

(Also, where it does change gameplay the change is profound, and fundamentally changes the makeup of the game—leaning much towards building a "balanced" outfit that are moderately high in all stats—in ways that I feel like would need an equally drastic overhaul (e.g. of all available equipment, to have more items with a broader swathe of stat bonuses) in the game, to be anything but a crushing blow to all players' capabilities when "out of reach of a wardrobe" for some time. However, the drift of the game hitherto has been the opposite—more and more diverse and specialized stats for gear; in fact I rather seem to recall that's what led people to asking for these changes... The more I'm faced with it, the more this feels like a solution in want of a problem. Well, I am sorry to pile on when so many other people are already complaining, though.)

The Curious Peregrine Jul 31, 7:57am

While I think I appreciate the intentions behind locking the outfits in storylets, the result has so far been naught much but a humdrum nuisance. And for proportionately little benefit, as far as game-design is concerned, it would seem. Most of the time it doesn't change game-play, since a great deal of the time one can back out of what one is doing and equip the proper garb. In these cases it just means a lot more flipping through pages: Going over to possessions, realizing where I technically am is a storylet (even in some places that I think of as locations), moving back to the story page, "perhaps not"-ing out one or more layers, equipping the correct garb, going back in again. (And I know this isn't something I'll easily be trained out of because I go through this ritual with item conversions all the time—but that's far less frequent. I'm an absent-minded person by nature, to be sure. Alas.) The simple case that stood out to me as exemplary today was when planning a heist, realizing I had the wrong clothes on, and that I couldn't change them, backing out two levels to where I could, and then coming back in. Pure unnecessary tedium, to no ultimate effect. (Furthermore, this highlighted that the blanket change hasn't improved any sense of immersion, despite what I might have thought had it been described to me. Imagine not being able to change my clothes while planning a heist! What rather IS the point of being a law-unabiding criminal if I can't even take my clothes off in my own lair? The very thought!) I may of course be missing something, but I think it would be far more sensible to only restrict clothes-changing in places where it has been properly thought-through—just like all the reasonable places where it is impossible to access the Bazaar, for instance.

Wrenchal Leadfeather Jul 31, 2:14am

I spent 10 fate to get 20 actions while trying to do the Paisley Exceptional story, and lost most of my actions trying to figure out why I couldn't equip my hankerchief (which I still can't do), thinking I was in a part of the storylet that wouldn't allow me to change my clothes (even though I went to my lodgings, to the paisley mirror, to all 3 of the initial Paisley locations, spending multiple actions trying to figure things out), only to furstratedly give up and google it. After spending a silly amount of time, I realised I can't change my Paisley clothes because my outfit is locked. No idea why. Waste of actions and a waste of money. As if it wasn't time consuming enough to find some things out about the game, now I'm penalized with changes being made that impact the gameplay. Yes there was a blurb about Outfits being introduced. But where was the warning that it will significantly impact my gameplay if I didn't read it. I don't read about new updates actively (as I don't finish my exceptional stories actively either, I take my time with them). So now there's a mechanic that's been introduced that breaks my gameplay, and made me spend actions (and money - AND TIME) just to try and understand what's happening. I don't like complaining like this online, but considering the investment I've made in the game so far, I had to vent my frustration.

ghayers Jul 30, 11:33pm

I was ambivalent about this, as it kind of made sense as described (even if it was inconvenient). However, I'm in my lodgings, without an active story, and still can't change my clothes. This makes no sense whatsoever. Please fix this.

HelpIamaCabbage Jul 30, 11:13pm

Like if I have zailed to Polythreme, I have access to a battered grey overcoat and an exceptional hat if I own one, because stories there interact with those items, even if I'm not wearing either. But now I cannot equip those items either before or after upgrading them. Like if I'm wearing the overcoat before it goes off to join a clothes colony, am I left naked except for a hat, gloves, and pants until I can zail back to London?

HelpIamaCabbage Jul 29, 10:07pm

Not a fan of this. If you are going on a zee journey, you should be able to bring a trunk in your captain's quarters and change your clothes whenever you d*mn well please. I mean we're talking about roughly 4 shirts, hats, pairs of pants, etc. worth of stuff.

Kaleestraza Jul 29, 9:48pm

And like Surprisingly Incensed is saying, it must be noted that this game isn't particularly immersive already. I find it hard to fathom that you are now prioritizing "immersion" in a game where that is already made near impossible by the inevitable ten minute wait between each action.

Kaleestraza Jul 29, 7:38pm

A ridiculous change that capitalizes on nothing but the player's forgetfulness and unwillingness towards spoilers. Not to mention punishes new players disproportionately. The very existence of gear that REDUCES stats should have alerted you to the stupidity of this change. It has no consistency with the design of the game. Say I am a player that capitalizes on Shadowy, but I find a card during the Crowds of Spite that requires Dangerous. I have good weapons and mascots and such for just such an occasion, but wait! All of my Shadowy gear has Dangerous reductions, and I cannot change out of it. Great. Awesome. I've gained Suspicion through no fault but bad design. It's unbelievable that you expect us to do things like enter into a storylet that costs FIVE ACTIONS just to access with the caveat that we may have forgotten to unequip an outfit that actively makes it impossible to complete. I can't believe you thought min/maxing insanity would be at home in a text-based story game that already has a significant hurdle between players and the content. The game already has low accessibility because of the Actions limit, and now it seems you're artificially making this even harder by forcing players to inevitably fail more storylets than the game was originally designed to allow.

Fredrik Backman Jul 29, 6:53pm

I can't believe you had someone waste their time programming in such a stupid mechanic.

Rades Jul 29, 5:50pm

I like the option for new outfits, though I really wish there was a 5th free one so we could have an outfit for secondary stats besides the core four. But I understand why such an option would be premium-locked. I also GREATLY appreciate the ability to rename outfits to whatever you want, I quite disliked the default options because they did not make a lot of sense to me. And the filter options are a long time in coming, excellent to see those make it in. On the other hand, I am agreeing with many of the other comments that not being able to change outfits in storylets feels needlessly restrictive and immersion-breaking. It feels like one of those cheap clickbait websites with a Top 10 list and each entry is on an entirely separate page and to see the entire list you have to click through and load 10 different pages just for repeat ad views. There are certainly ways to increase immersion, but there are also gameplay mechanics that need to be considered, and I think this change does nothing really to increase the former while being exceptionally detrimental to the latter.

Jon Jul 29, 5:49pm

Please undo this change. Locking outfits is very frustrating.

A Surprisingly Incensed Fan Jul 29, 5:45pm

Outfits were already a fiddly system and when I saw you were updating it, I was kinda hoping you were getting rid of equipment entirely as a thing. But instead you're going doing the "Seeking Mr. Eaten's Name" route of game design in pursuing realism over user experience. It seems you collectively didn't learn your lesson with how obnoxious it was to just arbitrarily (and unrecoverably) permanently lose stats in Sunless Skies. If you wanted to make a "life simulator" of this game of actually abstractly simulating living in Fallen London, I'm sorry, but that boat has LONG since sailed. And no that isn't a Sunless Sea pun. Just accept the fact that your "endgame" is a game at this point. All games become games by the end, regardless of how much verisimilitude they have in the beginning. When I first played GTA 4, I couldn't bring myself to do any crimes because it felt so disturbingly "real" that it provoked nausea. By the end of the game I was only seeing the interface and gaming my equipment loadouts. That's just the progression games have. I'm not coming to your game for realistic immersion, I'm coming for the stories and for the fun resource juggling. But knowing now I'll have to go through several more clicks just to do the latter (or even be arbitrarily punished for clicking the right story at the wrong time) really saps my motivation to play the game. Anyways, enjoy seeking!

Serum0 Jul 29, 5:41pm

Also just wanted to add, could you please change the color of the outfit bar on the story page? It's really really bright and doesn't look good. Maybe darken it to look more like the background? I just don't want it to look like it is constantly highlighted.

Joana Whitlock Jul 29, 5:39pm

I do not feel I can state it better than it has already been stated by other commentors, but I do wish to add my voice. The inability to change outfits at will won't improve gameplay, but worsen it. Frankly, it just means I have to use the wiki if I want to not inevitably screw myself over by choosing the wrong outfit in a given storylet, which is also something I try to avoid as it reduces my enjoyment of the game. As everyone else here has said - please, please revert this change, and continue to allow us to wear what we will, when we will it.

Serum0 Jul 29, 5:35pm

While I understand the logic of not being able to change outfits inside of storylets, it's an absolutely terrible feature. Really just because of convenience and amount of clicks. If I go into unfinished business in Veilgarden but forget that I was wearing my dangerous outfit for an opportunity card, now instead of changing outfits, I have to back out of the storylet, change outfits, and then go back in. But to everyone complaining about how additional outfits cost money: shut the heck up! This is a small company, and they have to make money somehow. You are complaining about not being able to access a feature because it costs money, despite never having that feature before. If charging for a simple convenience (which we've been playing without for a while already) is what it takes to keep the company making Fallen London content, then I'm all for it. So my overall thoughts on this update are: Please make it so that we can change outfits inside of storylets again; I really like the little thing that makes it so you can change your outfit from the main page instead of having to go to possessions; Charging for the new feature is fine; Thanks for letting us rename outfits, although I will probably not use this feature since I've gotten used to the weird naming scheme, new players will probably find it helpful to just name their outfits "Shadowy" "Dangerous" etc etc.

stepped pyramids Jul 29, 4:25pm

Others have addressed the overbroad restriction on outfit changes, but... The limit of 4 outfits was always a bad user experience decision, and it was worsened by the recent expansion of both the number and significance of non-core stats. Fixing this issue but limiting the solution to paying customers is outrageous, as is nickel-and-diming those paying customers by selling the slots one by one. Charging for content is one thing, charging for usability is quite another. Outfits should be expanded to 10 for all players, perhaps with some slots unlocking upon PoSI status. I've loved nearly all of the new content and I would deeply regret unsubscribing, but this business decision crosses a line.

Xorph Jul 29, 4:21pm

oh eww I didn't realize these comments don't save line breaks. My post was so well-formatted, now it just looks like an utter mess ;-;

Xorph Jul 29, 4:18pm

Well thank -god- we can at least still change stuff while at the Lab and Bone Market. This restriction on when we can/can't change gear is just terrible imo, it's only going to serve to screw people out of one-chance checks they had no way of predicting were coming up (-especially- in premium stories, -especially especially- if said stories start using the newly-introduced stats that many of us are only managing to boost to decent levels with the Lost & Found gear items), and just generally make doing any action loop that requires more than one stat utterly tedious. As someone else said, what's next? Having to choose what possessions I bring with me to each storylet, and just being doomed if I chose to allocate my slots to Prisoner's Honey and Tales of Terror when the no-Perhaps-Notting story actually needed Candle Stubs and Nevercold Brass? I mean think about it, it's not like my character can "reasonably access" their entire horde of supplies from anywhere in London, right? Gameplay and Story Segregation exists as an incredibly prevalent trope in games for a damn good reason, as more often than not taking the "We need to make how X inventory mechanic works more realistic" approach just leads to a far worse gameplay experience. Can't wait to find out how unbearable this makes the 2/3rds of Paisley I hadn't yet gotten around to playing!

Ryusui Jul 29, 4:00pm

Honestly, I like the idea that I explicitly have to save outfits now. It's nice that I can swap in one of my Fingerking-possessed companions when I want access to a specific Bone Market vendor without having to remember to swap back in one of my Tigers later.

Rohan Jul 29, 3:58pm

I absolutely love the additional outfit slots, and being able to change outfits on the main screen is a fantastic quality of life change. I do agree with the general consensus that the restricted wardrobe should be used more sparingly. Basic storylets that you can Perhaps Not out of at anytime don't have any reason to be restricted, and it just adds a few unnecessary clicks to the game. In concept, I think it's fantastic, and planning out outfits in advance sounds like a lot of fun. Just limit where it is used and make sure the player knows when they are entering such an area and give them an idea of what to prepare for, to avoid the wiki hopping that will inevitably ensue from this change.

Callan Jul 29, 3:53pm

So the non-Fate-locked part of this update is just that a useful feature that everybody's used to is now gone in certain contexts? That's just obnoxious. I just clicked on The Lofty Tower, and saw that I'd need to change to my Persuasive Outfit, but now I have to exit the card THEN change THEN re-enter the card and play the storylet. Why, I ask you? Also, it's pretty annoying that all benefits of this update are Fate-locked. For years, I've wanted to have a fifth Outfit; one for each core stat, plus one or two temp Outfits so that I don't have to edit the main four when I want something else and then edit them back afterwards. Could we not have a couple of extra slots for free, and then a few more for Fate/Exceptional Friends?

Lillindy Jul 29, 3:08pm

I love love LOVE having more outfits, but if you're going to have outfit locks they should make a bit more sense. Right now it feels very broad and outfit changing areas are minimal. It makes sense to prepare for an expedition by figuring out the best outfit, but it's just weird to be in polythereme literally RIGHT next to your "convenient steamer trunk" and not having the ability to change your outfit. Also I haven't been there yet but I assume the bone market also has this restriction and that's just ridiculous. That entire area revolves around specific outfits. If I go down there then realize I got the wrong outfit on, I really don't want to waste two actions just to go back to london and change. I mean with the labyrinth of tigers you don't have to go all the way down to the coil you need to be at then all the way back just to leave back to London. I like it in concept, I just think it should be used more sparingly. It already feels like I'm playing the wiki and a spreadsheet sometimes. Please don't make it feel like that all of the time. PS: you should also put up a little clothing icon on the front page. Maybe in the right hand corner right next to the opportunity cards. Would also be nice in front of storylet options that lead you to clothing restricted areas. I really don't want to check the wiki every time to make sure that an area is clothing restriction or not.

BrokenLeg Jul 29, 3:06pm

This update has me rather annoyed.

Mira Jul 29, 3:04pm

Absolutely terrible change. So now all of my items I gathered in 6 years of playing and sometimes even spent Fate on are completely fucking useless unless I look up in advance what stats I'm going to need. Thanks!

Acra Jul 29, 3:02pm

Extremely incensed by this update, which detrimentally impacts my gameplay experience in a way that makes it laggy, not smoother, and that makes the game less fun, not more. This is not the way you keep your playerbase engaged in the game over a long term. This is the way you squeeze money out of players in short bursts until they feel fed up by the faulty experience.

En Jul 29, 2:26pm

I was going to write a long comment why I hate the lock, but I can see others have already done so. I didn't even realise it at first because I was so excited by more slots. (I even considered getting another subscription after I canceled mine yesterday.) After the recent UI updates I expected the next change to make outfit changes less of a hassle (more efficient) and thus more fun.

Therean Seraph Jul 29, 2:24pm

I'm a fan of everything this update brings, what I am not a fan of is FBG restricting when I can change my outfit. I understand changing your outfit in the middle of parabola is an odd concept; but we carry around thousands of bottles of wines, hell I manage to cram over one hundred cellars of wine on my person at a time. I've never invisioned our characters physically changing their outfit, and instead continue to choose to believe it's our characters refocusing their efforts. This change will mechanically gut the enjoyment certain pieces of content such as: Bone Market, Railroad Board Meetings, Zailing the Zee, and Ambition: Hearts Desire (I'm sure there's plenty more storylets that you physically cannot back out of that require multiple different stat checks). To such an extent to ensure I'm not missing out on content I'm going to be far less willing to jump into content blind, this change does nothing but further justifies my reliance on the wiki, and it's a dang shame because we were told "Our solution is nothing you have thought up" - well I predicted everything, except the arbitrary wardrobe change lock. Overall this update seems mostly intended to enhance things, but in the current form here's what it accomplished: 1) Annoy veteran/long standing Londoners who've worked their rear ends off. 2) Cause further difficulties for newer players (It'll be interesting to see if this kills my desire to work on my alt) 3) Increase wiki reliance (PLEASE CAN WE GET OFF WIKIA, the platform is a cesspool of ads and popups now) 4) Bar UI quality of life improvements around a premium service; I have no issues with the cost, I just think free players should've gotten (at least) one extra slot, especially with all the wardrobe switching 2020 has brought us.

Jacob Jul 29, 2:15pm

What if I'm not using out outfit menu because I never had the need to do that, can I remove new outfit scoll menu from my interface?

Lokkij Jul 29, 2:12pm

Thank you for this! The extra slots are nice. I also like the outfit lock for the most part, I don't love micromanaging my outfits and now I won't have to! I will say it's inconvenient for simple storylets where you have to 'Perhaps Not' out before being able to change, but that's balanced out by the dropdown being on the main page now - which is awesome.

Kyle Jul 29, 1:38pm

Ooh, great! I've been wanting a lot of these features for a while. Awesome!

Ellie Jul 29, 1:27pm

I'm really happy about the majority of the outfit update- more slots is something I've wanted for a while, and I'm excited to try things out! But I cannot stress enough how much I dislike the "locked outfits" change. Hooboy. Even after trying it out, I can see several, *very* important storylets where this presents a huge issue, and I'm planning on documenting these in a (very polite, I promise!) feedback email when I've had more time to think.

Lynsey Jul 29, 1:17pm

Extra outfits are great, but you just replaced one long running problem with another one. Outfit changes and optimization are already frustrating and not being able to change anywhere is extra frustrating, especially as many place require actions to get in or out of. It's like a video game where you can not access your inventory in certain places and leaving those places means you get less game! I gave spent a considerable amount as a friend and on fate over the years and this is very disheartening, as I was so excited by so much oc the new content! But now feels like a chore.

Mr Cards Jul 29, 1:16pm

While the UI update is a great Quality of Life improvement the equipment lock itself renders it all null and void. This game was designed with the idea in mind that you switch your outfit on the fly. While an equipment lock can serve as a new interesting feature in certain areas FB botched it on the implementation. Carefully created stories around this idea could have been presented and would make multi-stat outfits thrive. However the blanket lock anywhere and everywhere makes the game more tedious, incentivices meta gaming via the wiki and forces failure in stories you otherwise would easily succeed.

Curt Jul 29, 1:14pm

Creating a comment in order to view the other comments. But my two pennies: dear God, put it back. Please undo this change.

Witirshnin Jul 29, 1:13pm

I can't believe you've done this

Alan Jul 29, 1:13pm

Thanks, I hate it!

Secret Solipsist Jul 29, 1:11pm

At least filtering equipment by a specific quality is a great feature. And renaming outfits is pretty cool too.

Elli Jul 29, 1:10pm

Really not a fan of locking outfit switching.

sxl Jul 29, 1:07pm

Absolutely not a fan of this change.

birb Jul 29, 12:41pm

Mm. Wow. I hate this. Like, a lot. Specifically the idea that we can no longer change outfits on the fly. If many of the other people who play this are anything like me, the easy-to-access browser game nature of Fallen London is what makes it simple and, well, not a chore to keep playing, and the ability to swap outfits on the fly to be able to *not suck* at any given roll we need to make is, in my eyes, inherent to the sustained playability. If anybody builds the outfits to do anything other than maximize a specific stat, they're either *really* into the roleplay or they have the luxury of not giving half of an L.B.'s buttocks, and I don't think the latter reflects well as a playstyle that should transiently affect the rest of us. Now, I can definitely understand wanting to maximize roleplay in a game that is entirely story and roleplaying, but the reality is that for a lot of things you *need* that maximized value in rolls to conserve resources, time, effort, and the aforementioned buttocks. Roleplaying and getting absorbed in the story is a great thing to do, yes, but the fact of the matter simply is that 90% of this game is a daily grind for resources until we achieve the point where we can move on with any given point in whatever story we're pursuing. Not being able to swap outfits in storylets or on the fly means that players suddenly become varying degrees of crippled, and I can cite two reasons for this right off the top of my head. Firstly, in the aforementioned grind that makes up a lot of the day-to-day gameplay *efficiency* is chief, and the inability to freely swap outfits means that on top of all the nuances players need to memorize to keep grinding easy and quick so as to not squeeze patience out of them, they *also* now have to memorize what storylets and choices require what stat so as to make sure they're efficiently outfitted to make grinding easier. Otherwise, they'll have to keep ducking out of storylets to change outfits, which means more clicks and loading time (potentially a bigger problem when the site starts chugging on any given day for whatever reason), which hammers away at peoples' patience much more than the four clicks it takes to pop to their inventory tab, swap out, then back into the storylet tab. This alone makes the grinding significantly more, well, grinding to keep up day after day after day. Two, in stories and content that is new or unfamiliar to the player, unless they feel like going into the wiki and planning out an entire mode of attack (disregard this idea, nobody except for metagamers and insane people would do this and I don't think I need to explain why they should not be considered in this argument alongside the rest of the playerbase) they run the eternal risk of being faced with choices they can't be prepared for and will inevitably fail at much more often when they don't have their stats boosted by the proper outfit. I'm sure you can agree that would be *intrinsically frustrating*, especially for stories and checks that can't be repeated. Even for the content that ostensibly advertises itself as revolving around a specific stat, there are almost always outlying checks that require different ones, especially if there's a branching choice involved with a decision based on roleplay. Like the issue with the grinding, this flip side of the coin grates on efficiency by making content new to the player more difficult to approach in general, to say nothing of how paralyzing the anxiety can be in not knowing if you're taking along all the preparations a cursory glance of logic would suggest are necessary. This is especially true if the player isn't prepared for sudden descents through a series of storylets resulting from one choice. I *get* that the outfit thing is supposed to be for roleplay, but in reality it is an integral part of being able to play the game efficiently and successfully, which I believe is a key point to keeping Fallen London accessible for new and veteran players. I've been here for over 4 years now and I can definitely say the new content is taking a belt sander to my nerves with how frustratingly difficult it is to get into even with all the resources I've accumulated over the years. I can only imagine how difficult it is to people with less experience and time spent in the game. In light of the content alone without context, I appreciate the expansion of the game, but the mechanical choices that keep being made in recent times reflect, in my eyes, a poor understanding by the developers as to what makes their game truly playable for sustained periods of time, which unless I'm mistaken is the model you want to follow to get the most out of Fate or Subscription purchases that will actually support the game's development. This issue may not be a major one, but in a game model like this, small, grating issues add up over time, if not by quantity alone. While I definitely like the other additions to outfit mechanics you've made, I really want to stress that I feel the inability to freely swap outfits is something that will ultimately hurt playability, and I urge you to reconsider the decision.

Puciek Jul 29, 12:04pm

Actually, the reason behind the outfit locking is painfully clear, more failure, more grinding of the same content and flashing out for fate to get over obstacles. And I hate it.

Puciek Jul 29, 11:55am

So if I want to have the best chance of succeeding through a storylet I should now wiki it beforehand, so I know what clothes will be best fitting? That's not fun.

Jinan Dangor Jul 29, 11:16am

I'm actually so pumped for this. I really liked the recent redesign of the outfit interface, and this is just a treat. It always felt like cheating to just change my outfit whenever I was about to make any skill check, this makes it much more 'strategic'. My only complaint, as it is currently, is that outfits should still be able to be changed if I could 'perhaps not' out of the screen I'm on with no consequence (otherwise I have to leave, change outfit, and come back, which is just tiresome, not interesting). I also *love* being able to change outfits from the story screen. Feels so good to have a game like this still be getting frequent quality of life and mechanical updates!

A Formerly Splendid Gentleman Jul 29, 10:05am

"We’re removing the ability to change Outfits while in storylets and in certain settings (in particular where your character wouldn’t reasonably be able to access their wardrobe, or a convenient steamer trunk)." I hate it.