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Last month we added the ability for player characters to become engaged to one another.  They may now go further and actually wed in any of nine locations.  They may marry quietly in a Bible storehouse, or in state at St Fiacre’s; on the streets of Spite or in a rooftop garden or aboard a ship on the Stolen River; or, if nothing else will do, scandalously elope without a ceremony.

Potential wedding guests include other players, former lovers, Masters of the Bazaar, and, oh, nearly a score of other characters.


Those who are Entwined in the Intrigues of the Clathermont Family may now continue the story in Ladybones Road.  This will only be possible at certain times of year, because of pressing business which draws one of the principal actors to the Surface, and… somewhere else.  I forget.

Players will also have an opportunity to watch an infamous and forbidden play, The Seventh Letter.

Theological Husbandry

The rewards for breeding beasts in the Labyrinth of Tigers are now significantly larger and more varied.  Catching beasts has been made somewhat more challenging, and new branches have been added to most of the beast acquisition storylets.  More details can be found here.


And now, sundry other changes which may be of interest.

  • Social acts may now apply effects to the inviter when rejected: in addition to various minor effects on some common social acts, Nex-locked Feast gifts and Boxes of a Hundred Wonders are now returned to the sender when rejected, as, unfortunately, are Starveling Cats.  This is intended to extend the narrative possibilities of future social acts, and also to mitigate the effects of mis-addressing gifts.
  • Players may now pass or unwrap cats by clicking on the relevant items in their inventory; the game will also no longer mendaciously assert that those who receive Starveling Cats in the post are ‘fortunate’.
  • Opportunity cards can no longer be discarded when at zee.  This is intended to make voyages more tactical and interesting, and the fury of the Unterzee more perilous.  Plated Seals, in particular, have become more hazardous to catch.
  • Bundles of Oddities will now be opened as soon as they’re found, wherever you are.  It’s only possible to have one Bundle at any given time, and could previously only be opened in the Fifth City.  This had a few regrettable effects, like curtailing the rewards of serial piracy.
  • The contents of Bundles of Oddities are now significantly more random.  Previously, many storylets gave Bundles which consistently had the same contents.  This was the result of a bugged update query, and has now been fixed.  This closes a couple of much loved exploits: one’s soul can no longer be trivially retrieved at the University, and there are now no reliable ways to get a Blemmigan Secretary.
  • The issue of Theological Husbandry may now be sold at the Bazaar.
  • Payments from training professions now ignore the effects of gear when determining whether to raise a character’s highway qualities.  This fixes an issue where players would not receive a 250CP boost to one of their highway qualities when collecting their weekly payment if the quality in question was raised above 70 by their outfit.
  • Players who reset their horoscope now immediately have the opportunity to ask Madame Shoshana to cast again.
  • Favourable Circumstances can now be used to arrange meetings with the Portly Sommelier.
  • Notability is now displayed in the sidebar.  We’ll also add Making Waves once we’ve fixed a low-priority bug that’s preventing it from showing up in the correct place. That may be a while because Henry and Liam, our developers, are working hard right now on Sunless Sea and Secret Project.
  • Pursuing Unfinished Business now affects the Airs of London.  This resolves the peculiar situation where some of the most important and influential citizens of the Fifth City found themselves routinely investigating the pockets of insensible persons. It also makes cycling the Airs of London more convenient, since it no longer requires opening Bundles of Oddities. Relatedly…
  • The drunks of Spite are no longer so well-endowed with Primordial Shrieks.  The rewards are now roughly commensurate with other activities of the same difficulty level.
  • The Stalker’s Quality Level Image has been replaced with something ‘more badass’.  Like several other changes listed here, this was a request someone sent to our new feedback address,  We were happy to oblige.
  • Time, the Healer now gives Fleeting Recollections instead of removing Irrigo. These open a storylet in London which allows players to reset their Irrigo.  The immediate purpose of this is to prevent an exploit which allowed players to visit the Nadir without experiencing any penalties to their highway qualities. But it also provides a useful narrative hook for later.

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