Fallen London comes to Android on 31st August 2016

By Failbetter, August 12, 2016 · Android

Today we’re exceptionally delighted to announce that Fallen London will officially release on Android 31st of August! We’ve received brilliant support with so many eager to help us beta test the app, and our team has been busy this summer squashing any bugs that have been found. So, great thank you to all those testing, and for the rest of you – we can’t wait to launch later this month!


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Tami Aug 29, 9:14pm

Oh mann I just posted a comment on the mobile faq because there was no Android version and then I find this!!!!! Best Day of my life. I'm doing a countdown.

Imuthes Rôbin Aug 27, 4:18am

At last! No more labouring over tiny print! No more playing FL through the digital equivalent of a jeweler's loupe! Thank you to everyone at Failbetter who made this possible! Not to trouble you so soon, but if it's not already included, my number one feature request would be a push notification - have the user set a number of actions or cards, then have the app send a notification when that many have regenerated.

MasterG Aug 26, 8:52am

Wooh i cant wait

Laura Aug 18, 12:42pm

I'll be re-purchasing the membership thingy because of this. Thank you so much!

TheJoker1432 Aug 16, 6:33pm

Finally I can play on mobile :D Thank you so much

Christopher Lockwood Aug 15, 6:08pm

Anyway to get ahold of the beta? Looking forward to the mobile version of this wonderful game