Fallen London has a new look

By Failbetter, October 2, 2018 ·

Delicious friends! We’re absolutely delighted to let you know that the Fallen London website redesign is now officially live!


Our Aims

After much tinkering, two betas and lots of darkdrop coffee for our steadfast developers, Fallen London has received its well overdue update. Our main aims of the redesign were to:

  • Bring Fallen London up to HTTPS for additional security, as well as making a few tweaks to the backend so that it’s easier for both our writers and programmers to continue adding delicious content
  • Update the visual design of the site to bring it from 2009 to 2018
  • Improve the overall mobile play experience and responsiveness of the site

We appreciate this is a big change, especially with players that have been visiting Fallen London each day, year on year, but we hope that we’ve done just the right amount to make it look modern and appealing to new audiences while also solving some of the issues that players have long held, especially when playing on mobile.

These updates will in turn allow us to bring in new people into our Fallen London community and – crucially – mean we’re only maintaining one product (we recently retired our mobile apps to this end).

What’s Next?

We’ll be monitoring the site over the coming months to ensure everything is working as intended and that the user-experience is smooth.

If you notice any bugs or features that are confusing, please email us directly at so we can get our programmers’ eyes on it at the earliest convenience. These are thing things we’ll be looking into first.

If you have general feedback, then please direct it to As a small team that handles all our support in-house, it’s incredibly helpful for us to receive input through these filters—and allows us to help everyone faster, too.

There’s also a handy Website Redesign FAQ if you have further questions.


We’re so excited to finally share the redesign and believe it’s going to help our Neathy community thrive!



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Reyos Oct 5, 1:15am

Not a fan of the change, the content, the images and spacing feels like, tough without the old site to confirm I cannot say for sure, it takes up much more space, leading to more scrolling through to find the options on cards and in locations that you want.

Yarrick Sherington Oct 4, 2:21pm

You say that the update was supposed to improve the mobile play experience, yet I find myself having to remote into my computer in order to play Fallen London on the go now because of how cluttered and unresponsive the update is. My samsung galaxy prime can't play it very well now and it's disappointing because I really enjoy the game. I just wish there was a "Lite" mode with minimal graphics available for older mobile devices.

Jakabok Botch Oct 3, 6:53pm

I want to rail against changes that alter my daily routine, and the now fruitless motions precipitated by muscle-memory reacting faster than my hand-eye coordination, but... it's just so beautiful. I don't even care that I now have to scroll slightly further to complete actions that I've been doing the same way, twenty times every four-ish hours, every day, for multiple laps around the Law-Giving Sun. Now, my only complaint is that I find myself absentmindedly caressing the beautiful sigils and icons on the screen, losing hours being sucked into the subtle ecstasy of their loveliness. I feel like with this update, I finally understand the experience of seeing The Correspondence.

Karima Oct 2, 11:04pm

Wow, I never expected this! Honestly, this was shocking. I’ve been using the mobile version (aka the desktop version but on a phone) for so long, and it was pretty annoying. But finally! I can enjoy and explore the weird wacky world of Fallen London on a mobile space.

Josempm Oct 2, 10:03pm

Hmm, it's too bright compared to the last one, would it be possible to maybe make a "dark theme" setting? Pretty please? xD

Anna Oct 2, 3:40pm

Thanks, I hate it

Kyle Heidtman Oct 2, 3:15pm

The new layout looks really good. It's much easier to use on my android. Thank you.