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Old and unforgiven things

Hello, delicious friends. We’ve just opened the prologue to our Halloween seasonal event. This event’s special for a couple of reasons.

We’re teasing some of the Officers from Sunless SeaAdmire Paul’s characterful art; speculate on hints at their backstories; decide who you might choose to recruit for what role…

We are illuminating a fragment of the Fallen London endgame. You may have heard us say before that we’ve found a way to conclude the game without ending it. Next week, you’ll see a little more of what we mean. The Hallowmas Visitors are the way in.

To devour the new stories…

  1. Head to your Lodgings, where you’ll find the Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas storylet…. and can perform rites suitable to the season. Or hide under the covers. You’ll want to increase Nightmares (but not too high!) and Making Waves,  with this storylet or with others.
  2. Await the Visitors at Hallowmas card! They’ll come with their promises and their secrets. (Or draw it immediately with a small donation of Nex). You don’t need to be at home to draw it. You might play it safe and refuse all their little darknesses, of course…
  3. On the 31st of October, the Visitor you last chose will unlock a glimpse of a possible future for you. Until the 31st comes, you’ll be able to change your choice easily: after then, it’ll be harder to change.

We’ll also be adding ways you can tease and terrorise your friends in Fallen London. In a strict and decorous manner, of course. Stay close….

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