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An Ambitious Update

Every character in Fallen London has an Ambition: an epic personal quest that will take them on a hair-raising ride through the city's darkest secrets. It might be an oath to avenge a loved one's death. The pursuit of your heart's desire. A hunt for the Neath's greatest treasure.

It's been a while since we continued the ambitions. Some of them had been paused at cliffhangers or on unresolved mysteries. Today, we'll begin to answer them. We're implementing major updates to each of the ambitions, beginning with Bag a Legend. Stealing a trick from Dickens, we'll be releasing it in three chapters: one today, one tomorrow and one on Thursday.

If you'd reached the limit of the Bag a Legend ambition, set zail for the convent to continue your story. If you hadn't got that far yet, ignore everything I just said. Convent? What convent? I don't know what you're talking about.

After the Bag a Legend update is complete, we'll be updating Nemesis in a few weeks, then Heart's Desire and finally Light Fingers. We'll intersperse these releases with other new content (like Hallowmas) that will appeal to players who haven't fully explored their ambitions yet.

To whet your appetites, here are a handful of fragments from the forthcoming ambition content:

  • The Christmas Card List
  • An Appointment with April
  • The Masters' Daybook
  • The Secret in the Sock
  • Virginia's beloved: the Prince of Corpsecage
  • Recovering the Blind Guide
  • To trespass among the Starved Men