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STEEL update is live!

Steel is now available for all players through Steam and DRM-free with the Humble Widget.

This is still the first release and there are issues, quirks and missing features – but it works, and is definitely fun.

Here’s Liam to talk you through what’s new:

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We've made some changes to the way the map is laid out in terms of balance and variety. If you want to get the most out of Steel, we recommend you start with a new captain and a new chart. It'll look better, and there'll be more ports, so you can save more often.

Talk To Us

Tell us everything! We’re still refining combat, and your feedback is crucial. If you find a bug – or aren’t sure if it’s a bug – do let us know at We are in your debt.

Remaining known Issues…

  • Macs won’t be able to contact our server to get Storylet updates. We’re working to fix this ASAP. UPDATE: Mac users should now be able to access new stories.
  • The UI is all still quite placeholder
  • The content is currently very limited, so almost all beastie attacks are identical
  • Very little artwork, animation or sound design has been implemented at this stage
  • Docking while in combat will partially obscure the dock button
  • Some enemies and weapons remain unbalanced
  • There are some framerate issues as a result of the new combat system that we are working to address
  • Some smaller enemies can bit a little hard to click
  • Turn speed is not based on weight or engine power, and so faster ships will appear to turn much more slowly

For the #longread version with lots of detail about the new combat system, see Alexis’ original Steel announcement.