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Hearts' Game

A constable strikes a pointed conversation with you outside your doorstep. Been out much, lately? See any masked packs of man-hunters on the streets? Ingest any unanticipated poisons?

Hello, delicious friends. Today we’re releasing a new, free update for late game players.

Hearts’ Game is a new activity that exists in the tradition of Knife-and-Candle – a nameless game of poison and delight, run by Mr Hearts from the old (but recently renovated) Gamekeeper’s Cottage. You’ll gather a team of practised murderers, and pursue a target handpicked by Mr Hearts.

I want to be clear upfront that this is not a replacement or a revival of Knife-and-Candle. It doesn’t have a social component, and the rules and fiction are quite different. Hearts’ Game originates with the professional activities for endgame professions; after seeing the positive response to those, we wanted to once again do something similar in scope. This time we’re doing one big activity that we will gradually expand with each update, adding new cards and adjusting the game as we go.

To begin, make sure you are a tier 2 Person of Some Importance (Extraordinary Mind, Shattering Force, Legendary Charisma, or Invisible Eminence); and that you have at least 200 Dangerous. Once you do, a card called ‘A Dangerous New Pastime?’ should appear.

The true nature of the game will only reveal itself over time. I’ll leave the process of discovering how it all works to you. Good luck.