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Sunless Sea Final Release Date

A big announcement, folks! Sunless Sea will leave Early Access in February 2015.

We're nearing the end of a long, exhausting and creatively fulfilling journey, one that has been shaped by your feedback at every turn - from the bizarre islands dreamed up by our Kickstarter backers to the player-driven overhaul of naval combat.

We've flirted with earlier release dates in the past. If you've been following our Roadmap, you'll know that we were hoping to release in December. But this stage of development, when we focus on polish and balance, is critical. It's what turns a good game into a great one. We want Sunless Sea to be a game we're all proud of, and we want to justify your faith in Early Access by delivering something that is 'completely done' not 'mostly done'.

We'll keep pushing out updates and new contents in the meantime, of course. We're working to get our remaining Kickstarter rewards out for Christmas. And we've updated the Roadmap, here, so you can see what's coming next.