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Sunless Skies Now Available on Early Access

Sunless Skies is now available for Early Access on Steam and Games in Development on GOG!

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We are delighted to invite you from the depths of the Unterzee to join us in the gusty, undiscovered vaults of the High Wilderness. The stars are dying; they leave behind territories rich in secrets and opportunity.

Explore the Reach—the first, and most verdant, region of Sunless Skies. The Reach is designed to be a small but functional piece of the entire game. Fly a locomotive, engage in combat, experience Terror and Hunger, interact with stories, and die. A lot.


Over the coming months we’ll be adding more stories, more regions, and more complexity to its gameplay—more of everything really. If you’d like an idea of what will be initially available from the 30th August, check out our development blog from yesterday and our FAQ.

Over the past three months, 900 delicious alpha testers have been helping us uncover bugs, but if you’re looking to experience a complete game void of tech issues, we strongly recommend you wait until the game’s full release. However, if you are happy to traverse the High Wilderness first, reporting bugs and sending feedback along the way, then we hope to see you out there Skyfarer!

And, if you’d like to pick up Sunless Sea for iPad, it’ll be on sale in celebration of the Sunless Skies Early Access launch for £6.99 / $6.99 from 30th August - 3rd September!

Thank you for your support through everything, we have the most delicious fans. See you out in space!