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Sunless Skies Patch Notes – (25th July 2018)

Build Version:

Release Date: 25/07/2018

Known Issues

What’s New

Eleutheria has arrived. It’s dark, deadly and terrifyingly beautiful. Survival here is very hard. Good luck Captain, you’re really going to need it.
To access Eleutheria you will need to travel through the Reach-Eleutheria Transit Relay located in the Hybras segment. Go prepared and be warned; you may not be able to come back via the same route through which you enter. Permits are not cheap, they will set you back 800 Sovereigns and once purchased you’ll need Savage Secrets or Caddies of Dried Tea to gain entry.
The Eleutherian region has a different layout to the Reach and Albion. There is no inner and outer ring, just a central hub and one wide ring surrounding it, which is divided into four segments. Eleutheria also features a new type of port, mini ports known as Platforms. You’ll be able to dock at Platforms and access content in the same way you do at larger Stations, as they are now known.
In our previous update we introduced the ability to toggle your locomotive headlight on and off. Your headlight affects your rate of Terror gain and in Eleutheria it will also affect the way agents behave towards you. Some cannot tolerate the light and will attack you when your beam shines over them, others will become wrathful when it’s off. Sleeping Grievers are a perfect example, shine your light on them if you dare. That said, even with your light off they can sense your presence in other ways. We recommend you keep your Terror low when entering their territories. It’s not a good idea to bump into them either.
When to use the headlight will become a fine balancing act since Eleutheria is so dark you’ll definitely need to use it to tell what terrain you can crash into. Even scouts have a difficult time seeing what’s in front of them. No matter whether they are Discerning or Oblivious scouts, they will mark all Eleutherian finds with a ‘something dark’ icon on your chart.
Just like with Albion we’re keen for you to explore Eleutheria yourselves and we don’t want to give too much away, but in brief Eleutheria contains:

  • Seven new ports (Stations) and three Platforms.
  • Three new agents; Dousers, Grievers and Empyrean Outriders
  • Two new Spectacles.
  • New transient Discoveries: Stacks, Blind Hermits, Extinguishments, Crossroads and Amber Chunks.
  • New persistent Discoveries: Well of Wonders and Wreck of the Berrenger (content for this wreck didn’t make the cut off for release so the model is in place and the content will follow in the next update).
  • A new locomotive; the Medea-Class Destroyer is available at the Pan engine yard.
  • The Altani-Class Outrider has returned and is available at Eagle’s Empyrean.
  • New locomotive equipment and weapons are available at Pan.
  • Eleutherian Prospects and Bargains.
  • Blemmigans!

A note about performance

Some of our players have been experiencing performance issues in the last few builds. We made a bunch of fixes in the Roleplay update which addressed various exceptions caused by weather and wrath that lead to an eventual game freeze. However, we found that some rare weather exceptions remained.
We believe we’ve fixed the last of the weather issues now, but like peeling an onion, once we fixed those bugs we found other performance issues lurking underneath which had been hard to detect until the weather errors were out of the way.
We've spent the last week continuing to peel that performance ‘onion’ and we've made significant improvements. However we can see there is more for us to do to improve performance across the game, so this is not the end of the optimisations.
Players will still see brief dips in FPS in certain circumstances (docking/undocking, deploying scouts, just before crossing segment borders as the next segment loads), but they should not experience continued stuttering. Anyone that does needs to report this to us so we can diagnose the problem. Details of what we need you to send us are below.
Any player who has experienced the stuttering in previous builds should take the following steps after today's update:
  1. Go to C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Skies\storage\
  2. Delete the data folder
  3. Launch the game to regenerate the data folder
  4. Play as you normally would

If after taking these steps you experience further persistent performance issues, please dock at the port in the segment where you experience any stuttering and send an email to with your save files and your output log so we can look into individual cases.


  • We’ve revamped the controls menu.
  • Controllers are now remembered between playthroughs once activated.
  • Hotkeys are now in place for the navigation bar interfaces (H = Hold, O = Officers, etc) - see their tooltips for details.
  • A whole bunch of new SFX are in place including Scout deployment jingles and Agent wrath sounds (we dare you to go antagonise an Enduring Dreadnought)
  • We’ve introduced an Ambient SFX slider on the audio menu but we've not finished separating out all the SFX from the environmental sounds
  • New Officer ambient messages for circumstances like opening the last barrel of fuel
  • Additional scout messages
  • Replaced the loading percentage with a circular icon

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue on Wefts of Unraveled time which reset the in-game date, causing time related stories to become locked
  • We've fixed more exceptions with the weather functionality which was causing errors to be spammed to the output log and an eventual game freeze.
  • The equipment and weapon stats at Portsmouth Arsenal, the Inscribed Tinkerer’s Workshop and Mr Menageries Stall for Delicious Scouts have now been updated.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Rochester Races which stopped players claiming victory.
  • The Amenable Host’s quests now reset correctly when you pass on a legacy to a new Captain.
  • You can now progress fully through the quest at Perdurance.
  • The directions token for the Bombazine prospect to the Mausoleum now works correctly.
  • Items are now removed from the Repentant Devil when asking him about his possible enemies.
  • We’ve removed references to Muses Marks and replaced them with Moments of Inspiration at Traitor’s Wood.
  • Players will no longer become trapped in a Must Event at Traitor’s Wood.
  • The Repentant Devil storyline can no longer be farmed for XP.
  • The Altani once again has three auxiliary slots.
  • The chart icons on the legend are no longer stretched.
  • The Officer's chat interface can no longer be opened over the top of Navigation interfaces.
  • The Fatalistic Signalman's ambient message for Magdalene's is no longer firing at Polmear & Plenty's.
  • You can now once again only accept a maximum of four prospects.
  • We've fixed all the typos in the Officer's ambient messages.
  • Headlights now toggle correctly when purchasing a new locomotive with the headlight off.
  • The chart now focuses on the player when it is opened in Albion for the first time.
  • The Guest’s projectiles now despawn correctly and their SFX can no longer be heard after death.
  • We fixed an inconsistency with a Leadbetter & Stainrod Nature Reserve storyline at Traitor’s Wood.
  • The election can no longer be held at Brabazon after winning.
  • You can now speed up the credits using controllers.
  • The headlight can now be turned on and off with a controller.
  • The Incognito Princess is no longer referred to as Signaller

Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues for this build. For a full list of known game issues see our Known Issues page.

  • The Spatchcock has lost its engine SFX.
  • A few assets in Eleutheria do not have collision damage applied to them.
  • Ambient messages and the player locomotive can appear underneath Amber Chucks assets
  • Em dashes are not working in ambient messages - this will be seen as a large gap
  • Headlight toggle SFX is not in place on non-Spatchcock locomotives
  • No docking SFX on some Stations and Platforms in Eleutheria
  • Large locomotives like the Bedivere can be shunted to the side when leaving Platforms in the Pan segment
  • The loading icon will stop cycling making it appear as if the game is frozen during loading

As always, if you find a bug that's not on the Known Issues page then send us a quick bug report.