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The Penultimate Chapter of Evolution is Here!

"Nothing but blackness outside – unless there's a deeper colour within the blackness. Peligin or gant, perhaps. The longer you stare, the more you begin to see shades: the blackness that conceals, the blackness that reveals, the blackness before death. (The blackness after death isn't here. You're not deep enough. Yet.)"

Chapter Six of Evolution is out now! Go back to the beginning and retrieve the Shell of Regret from Orchard House. Construct a diving bell and dive into uncharted depths. There are secrets in the deep – secrets long thought buried. Secrets belonging to the Naturalist, the Dilmun Club, and to powers far, far older than both.

The Youthful Naturalist is running out of time. He has never been closer to death. If he wishes to change his Destiny, he must seize fate with both hands and act. But he cannot do it alone. He needs supplies. He needs his friends. And most of all, he needs your help.

Evolution is available to everyone who has a ship and has delved into the mysteries of the Dilmun Club – specifically, you will need to have completed a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and obtained the quality 'Associating with Radical Academics' at 75. The entirety of the serial story is free, and available to all players. 

This is the penultimate of Evolution's seven chapters, and picks up from the previous chapter through the London Opportunity Deck. There is one final experiment left to conduct. Evolution will conclude in Irem, later this year.