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Whitsun 2023 is here!

Eggs all over London – in bath tubs, balanced on chimneys, nestled in sofas, tucked in the holds of docked ships. And they’re vast ones, the size of a beer barrel, an over-rounded dog, a prize-winning marrow.

This year, a new kind of augmentation is available in Watchmaker's Hill – a Bellic Augmentation! This threatening augmentation promises to turn your eggs into weapons. (Why anybody would wish to do this is currently unclear.) At present, only invigorated eggs are hardy enough to survive the process.

All of last year’s Whitsun items are available again this year, though Scarlet and Pelagic eggs cost one Amber Ha’Penny to buy. Once again, you will get three Ha’Pennies at the start of the festival, with the ability to obtain more for Fate. Spend them wisely.

Acquire an egg. Apply augmentations to it, if you like. Why not? The d___ed things are everywhere, and while London is hardly short on distractions, they’re wonderfully novel – though they do take up quite a bit of space in your parlour.

Incubate eggs, one at a time. What will happen when they hatch? Who knows! Each will take 23 hours to hatch unless you, ahem, assist it.

What else to do with them? Try sending one to a friend. Surely no more dangerous than a boxed cat!

Also: there’s a gathering of gourmets who will sample almost anything: the Apicius Club. These connoisseurs of novel flavours are reconvening for the festivities, and willing to take all manner of delicacies off your hands, including but not limited to these tempting, giant ova. Look for 'De Gustibus in Whitsun' at Ladybones Road to make their acquaintance.

Employ SCIENCE to further your egg experiments!

Purchase a Highly Illegal Experimental Augmentation Device (Probably) in order to get the very most out of your eggs, or investigate them in your University Lab to learn more about their mysterious origin.

Whitsun begins today, 11th May 2023. From the 22nd, at 14:00 BST, you will no longer be able to buy further eggs. You will be able to incubate and hatch eggs until the 25th, at 14:00 BST – after which, to prevent a dreadful stench, all eggs will be removed.

Enjoy your eggs!