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Upcoming Upper River and Parabola Balance Changes

As we discussed in our last roadmap post, the end of the Railway comes with us taking the time to adjust several activities in the game, to make the overall Upper River economy more diverse and less dominated by a few outliers.

We're going to put these changes live tomorrow, on Thursday June 17th. This post is meant to list which activities will be impacted.

  • Seeking a Mirror on the Far Side, specifically the ability to gain Casing
  • Hurlers, specifically Final Breath gain through the hot springs
  • Parabolan War
  • University Laboratory, specifically Impossible Theorems
  • Brawling with the Dockers, specifically the efficiency of some of the more powerful branches
  • Bone market: Buying bones for scrip, which gets around the action economy expectations of the bone market
  • Balmoral woods and painting

Not all of those things are competitive with the Balmoral loop right now, but they're still outliers that need to be adjusted (or they would supplant the current best sources of resources). Overall, the goal is that everything that's currently competitive should remain so, while bringing those outliers in level to other things in the Upper River, broadening the variety of activities that are relevant to endgame players.