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Zeefarer: Zail the Unterzee and Discover the Khanate!

From today, all Fallen London players with a ship can enjoy an improved zailing experience and explore a substantial new port at Zee.

Key changes:

  • New Zailing cards, and updates to old ones.
  • Chart a course to your destination: Unterzee voyages now begin with choosing a destination on the map. Long voyages are long and short voyages are short. It takes more actions to get to Polythreme than to take a quick trip over to Mutton Island. New destinations that are very far from London will have certain rewards for reaching them that will make it worth your actions to zail all the way there. Overall, expect zee voyages to take up fewer actions than they did before.
  • Zail the zeven zees: The Unterzee is now split into seven regions, each with its own wonders and deadly dangers. You’ve already seen the waters near London and the Sea of Voices, but new surprises await in the southern waters of Shepherd’s Wash and the northern reaches of Stormbones – not to mention the two yet-uncharted areas on the eastern edge of the Unterzee, and the pirate-infested gyre in the centre.
  • You won’t lose all your progress qualities simply by getting on your ship.
  • Become a master zailor, and uncover the mysteries of the Zee: The new advanced skill, Zeefaring, is available to all characters who have a ship and can zail. We’ll keep adding more mystery and more strangeness to the Zee over time – but as of now, there are certain events at zee that will be able to follow you ashore into London…
  • Certain other things we have Not Spoken Of Publicly.
A poster for Fallen London: Zeefarer, showing a ship sailing towards the Khanate.

The Khanate

The first new destination in Zeefarer is the Khanate. The Khanate you will meet is a little different from what you may remember in Sunless Sea – it’s been a few years. The Khanate is a challenging port aimed at giving endgame players a reason to go to zee again.

The Khanate is a city that rivals London in beauty, power, and wonder. It’s a place where the deep shadows are banished by electric light – most of the time. It’s a jewel that all the powers of the Neath grasp at, but can’t quite hold. Like London, it is one of the battlegrounds of the Great Game. And if you want to visit, you will have to wager something and sit down at the table.

Begin your journey to the Khanate through an opportunity card in London, which will appear for players with a fully upgraded Cabinet Noir.