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Useful Posts for Writers

Over the years, we’ve published a great deal of information on writing for interactive fiction. Some of the posts are pretty old - and our thinking has moved on. But it’s interesting to see how our thoughts have evolved - and there’s stuff to be gleaned even from the earliest posts.

I’ve collated the most-relevant posts - I don’t want to link to everything that’s ever been put on this site, though there’s gold (if sometimes iron pyrite) in many I’ve ignored. If I’ve missed anything we’ve posted that you’ve found particularly helpful, please do let me know and I’ll update this.


Writing for games

Fallen London Writer Guidelines:
Part 1 - Pitching and writing in-game content
Part 2 - Designing for Fallen London
Part 3 - Writing for Fallen London

These posts are not necessarily our current thinking/process, but are worth looking through.

Information given for past writer roles
What looked for when hiring previously: Interlude: That Writing Role
Questions about requirements: Failbetter Writing Role: More questions!

Choice, Complicity and Consequence
WH Auden on choice and consequence

Narrative Snippets:
StoryNexus Tricks
Difficulty, Rewards and Punishment
Agency and Choices
Writing for Story Games
Organising Creative Efforts

Writing style in Fallen London:
Points of light, pools of shadow (part I)
Points of light, pools of shadow (part II)

Don’t Poke That – Narrative Engineering Principles

Narrative Structures:
Echo Bazaar Narrative Structures, part one
Echo Bazaar Narrative Structures, part two
Echo Bazaar Narrative Structures, part three
New Narrative Structures

Guest Posts:
The Problem with Branching
Curated Narratives
Narrative Physics: Story Now
Post-Primary Narrative