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By Hannah Flynn, January 31, 2019 · Sunless Skies

Today, a day shy of two years since our Kickstarter launched, we’re pleased as punch to release the finished version of SUNLESS SKIES. Thank you for your support thus far, and for coming with us on the journey to the High Wilderness.


The Blue Kingdom arrives

A stoker sings: “The wind doth blow today, my love, and a few small drops of rain. I never had but one true love, and in cold grave she was lain.”

The Blue Kingdom. SUNLESS SKIES’ final region; the domain of the dead. Wiithout giving too much away, you can expect:

  • Four new Stations and three Platforms
  • Three new agents; Spirifer Engines, Eaters of the Dead, and the Logoi
  • New transient discoveries: Blittering Rocks, Vaults, Enclaves of the Dead and Convictions of the Sapphire’d King
  • New persistent discovery; the White Well and wonder spectacle; the Sun Monument
  • Blue Kingdom Prospects and Bargains

Also in this update:

  • Tutorial Tips: We have added tutorial hints which will pop up in a window when triggered. You can disable and reset them from the main menu
  • Adjustable difficulty settings: Available at every new save game and upon a captain’s death
  • New Ambitions: The final two Ambitions are in place, bringing our total up to four. Truth is an ambition you can select similarly to Wealth or Fame, and there’s one other which will be hidden to your first captain: The Martyr-King’s Cup.
  • New Facets for your captain’s past
  • New Officers: Recruit and discovering the stories of the Felined Eccentric, Forged Companion and Fortunate Navigator. The Clay Conductor can also now be recruited and his storyline completed.
  • Achievements: Achievements have been implemented in Steam and GOG. We wish you luck completing them all!

Read the full patch notes on our forums, and if you find an issue, here’s How to Report a Bug.

Live Stream on Steam

Streamer, zailor and now skyfarer FuzzyFreaks is streaming Sunless Skies live on the steam store page for launch!

Look out for her there over the weekend, introducing new players to our game, and say hello from us!

The Sunless Skies OST

The soundtrack is now available on Steam, GOG, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Limited Edition Merch: The Failbetter Games Collector’s Badge Set and Presentation Box

In celebration of Sunless Skies’ launch, we have worked with our utterly fantastic merchandise partner Gametee to create this limited edition badge set.


This collector’s edition comprises a trio of antiqued gold butterfly clasped badges in a black velveteen presentation box gold hot-foil embossed with a coin of Empire.

Inspired by turn of the century Art Nouveau, each pin represents a Failbetter game: The Exceptional Hat from Fallen London, The Lonely Buoy from Sunless Sea and The Last Lamppost from Sunless Skies.

They are available from Gametee, and they can ship internationally!

Launch Excitement!

Right now, streamers all over the world are playing SUNLESS SKIES to help us raise up to £10,000 for SpecialEffect. Search the tag #sunlessskies10k to find a streamer and cheer them on!
Thank you, again. We’ll see you in the High Wilderness.
We remain, your friends,

Failbetter Games

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Nico Crawford Feb 2, 6:04am

This game is awesome! Just got it, and it's worth every penny! Keep it up, Failbetter! You guys are a awesome!