The Poisoner’s Library

By Hannah Flynn, December 2, 2021 · Fallen London

A woman wearing the mask of a golden swan haunts the canals of Jericho. She is despised by the Guild of Gondoliers for a past she does not remember. Visited by recurring nightmares of a wedding held in a ruined palace surrounded by poisoned waters, she is seeking answers. Answers only the keeper of a specialised library can provide…

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The Poisoner’s Library is a Fate-locked story that allows you to embark on a series of unique research projects in your Jericho Library as you uncover the secret history of the Swan Bride.

Explore the hidden shame of the Guild of Gondoliers, delve deep into the recesses of your Jericho Library and embark on a perilous course along the red canals that flow to Hell.

Playing the Poisoner’s Library includes three unique research projects and a new, unique item.

Begin the Poisoner’s Library from a card in Jericho Locks if you have a Jericho Library, or purchase it from the Fate Page.

The Poisoner’s Library requires ownership of a Jericho Library and is suitable for higher-level players who have embarked upon the Great Hellbound Railway.

Along with the Poisoner’s Library, we’re introducing a substantial free upgrade to the Jericho Library experience, allowing you to undertake a new research project in the library.

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