The Pratchett post

By Failbetter, March 12, 2015 · General Update

If you like our work enough to be reading this, you probably read Terry Pratchett.  The influence was never direct, and our tone is very different. But you can’t operate in this field without feeling his colossal and compassionate breath on your neck. His work was the mountain in whose shelter we made our game, and Fallen London wouldn’t exist in its current form without him.

As a team, we miss him, we’re grateful to him, and we won’t forget. Raise your glasses.


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GingerBecca Mar 31, 8:11am

I have never felt the need to cry over a celebrities death before. Terry Pratchett, your world brightened mine.

steve Mar 13, 8:28pm

Remember the island of leshp in Pratchett's book Jingo? The one that rose and fell from the sea floor on a regular cycle and was surrounded by curious squid? Might make a fitting tribute for sunless sea, an island that occasionally just....disappears.....

Edmorilikann Mar 13, 4:02pm

May you live forver in our minds and our books, Terry .

Sergio Rojas Mar 12, 8:30pm

Sad day indeed. His work inspired me and open my imagination to worlds full of light, magic and irony. His legacy is a treasure and will be remember for long, long time.