Top Three Winners – Fallen London Fan Art Competition 2016

By Failbetter, September 28, 2016 · Art Fallen London

Top Three Winners of the Fan Art Competition: The Zee

The results are in! The top three winners of this year’s fan art competition are:


1. “For Your Own Good Compass” – by Yaiba 

2. “You Are Not Alone” – by LonerBear

3. “Drownie Song of the Deep” – by Kuyuan

We will be in touch shortly to make sure they receive their delicious prizes. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. We were astounded by everyone’s work! Over the next few days we’ll be releasing some honourable mentions on our Tumblr.


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Mangraz Oct 7, 8:00pm

Just my favorites. (Very) late congratz to the winners!