Update: Traineeship in Games Writing FAQs

By Sara Veal, October 2, 2020 · Failbetter

There’s one more week to apply for our upcoming Traineeship in Games Writing for Black candidates – the deadline is 9AM BST, Friday 9th October. Full details here.

When you submit your application, we recommend double checking that you’ve given us the necessary permissions on the Google Doc that you’ve shared with us. Make sure “anyone with the link” can view your submission in the Google Docs’ sharing settings.

A few questions have come up frequently as we’ve heard from potential applicants, it may be worth reading the below in case it is helpful to your application or your decision-making around applying.

Do I need to send you a resume or CV?

No – just a Google document with a writing sample and statement, as described in the announcement

May I send you several writing samples?

Yes, we would welcome several shorter pieces that in total do not exceed 1000 words.

Would it be OK to send you a writing sample that is longer than 1000 words?

It is OK to go slightly over, if there is a more natural break shortly after the 1000-word mark. We recommend keeping within a range of 900-1100 words for the writing sample.

Is it OK to send you a sample of a screenplay or comic books script?

Yes, we welcome samples of different kinds of fiction writing.

Would I be able to do this traineeship on the weekends or outside of Failbetter’s regular working hours?

Unfortunately we cannot offer meetings or training on the weekends, as that would require our existing team to do a lot of overtime.

We need you to be available for a three-hour window within 9AM to 6PM, UK time. The traineeship can be full- or part-time, depending on your availability.

Will you make this opportunity available again, either to all applicants or to a wider range of groups currently underrepresented in games writing?

We don’t know yet. We’ve offered a variety of training and mentoring opportunities in the past, and expect to continue to do so. However, we haven’t made any decisions about the forms they’ll take or the eligibility criteria, and probably won’t until at least the end of the traineeship. Whenever we next have a similar opportunity, we’ll announce it here on our website.

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