By Sara Veal, November 24, 2020 · Fallen London

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A Probationary Professor is looking for assistants for a perilous venture. Inspired by the fever for palaeontology and armed with a doctorate on the ritual practices of the Starved Men, she’s looking to lead an expedition to the cavern roof. 

Upwards is a Fate-locked story that allows you to accompany a Probationary Professor who has a brazen theory regarding a missing and heretical sect of the Starved Men.

To help her prove her hypothesis, you’ll need to find your way to the cavern roof where you can begin a palaeontology dig of a different kind: upwards.

Do watch out for the Starved Men though. Certain sacrifices may have to be made if you wish to escape them in the same shape as you found them…

Playing Upwards will unlock a permanent dig offering two unique osteology items that can be used in the Bone Market.

Begin Upwards from a card in the Bone Market if you have a Stall there or purchase the story from the Fate Page.



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Cernunnas Nov 25, 12:27pm

I would also *really* like to know the writer! I'll be buying the story in two weeks anyway, but I'm very curious, as it doesn't say it in-game or Discord (or here, for that matter).

Villads Nov 25, 7:27am

Wow this was a fascinafying experience. Hope to get more information in the future about what the professors conclusions were and or some sort of explanation for what was discovered.

Imeja Nov 24, 6:30pm

Exciting! May we ask who the writer is?