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In Summary: Welcome to Part Two. New inventory slots are now live. If you have Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy or Watchful qualities of 100+, watch for opportunities to meet the Ambitious Barrister and embark upon your journey to greatness. Ships! Home Comforts! Constant Companions! A few of these are live now, and many more will be available in the near future.

Welcome to Part Two of Echo Bazaar. We’ve just released a chunk of content for players at or near the content caps, including access to those new inventory slots that we teased you about a little while back. Look out for opportunities to meet the Ambitious Barrister: she will guide you to future greatness.

If you’re not quite so far on in the game, these things will lie in your future. Ships, home comforts and such are intended for players who have played through Part One of the game – the content that’s been released to date. So you may have a chunk of delicious story between you and becoming a Person of Some Importance.

Of course, if you have a ship, you’ll want somewhere to steam to. One of the important changes in Part 2 of Echo Bazaar is that more locations outside London will be available. They’re not quite yet in the game, but be prepared for travels to the Iron Republic, the Presbyterate, the Carnelian Coast and other storied and possibly sweaty places. One of the issues holding up the Ambition storylines was that we didn’t have a sensible way to get players to these exotic locations. They’ll be along soon. But in the meantime, you can decide which ship you’d like – and there are some choice vessels available.

Some of the new items, like membership of the Young Stags’ Club, come with bumps to qualities like Persuasive and Watchful. But not all of them do. Notably, ships and transports are lacking these changes. So, why would you want them? Well, you’ll need a ship to travel to far lands, of course. But each new item unlocks some content. This will often be a single opportunity, but may be more. And who wouldn’t want a Clay Sedan Chair or a Voluminous Library? Impress your friends! Balance entire rooms on your mantelpiece!

You’ll not find any of these new items at the usual shops in the Bazaar. Not a one of them. We’re introducing a new way of obtaining items, which for the moment we’ll call ‘Narrative Economics’. Rather than just hitting the ‘buy’ button, these items all have some sort of story attached to them. So there will always be a tale to tell of how you came by your ship or how you romanced your constant companion.

The new items will require you to pick up the odd thing – a legal document, perhaps, or some labour. Perhaps the occasional bribe or some published research. Once you have finished the Person of Some Importance storyline, the Bazaar Sidestreets will be open for your perusal. Head there for your shopping needs when acquiring these new marvels.

There are some choices to be made, too. You may have as many home comforts, affiliations and transports as you like. But you may only have one club, one ship and naturally one constant companion. Well, one at a time. Clubs can be left, ships can be sold and constant companions can be abandoned if you’re that sort.

Today, we are releasing only a small fraction of the wonders that can be acquired through the Narrative Economic system. Further wonders will become available in the near future. What marvels will grace your home? And which of the companions will you make your own?


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Article Directory Apr 28, 8:08pm

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Post Card Printing Mar 12, 8:30pm

When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

Post Card Printing Mar 12, 7:58pm

When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

JohnFinney Apr 23, 8:50pm

Will I be able to become an admirer of beauty in order to pursue that constant companion? I don't want to be tied to that honey-addled jewel thief, but I didn't see the artist's model storylet when I was but a young lad in the game.

Nigel Apr 12, 1:53pm

I hope I can address some concerns. Firstly, the narrative economics content after a Person of Some Importance (the ship, the clay sedan, the clubs, etc) is the basis for getting items in the second half of the game. It is not the basis for general content in the second half of the game. We've got plenty of delicious content pushing towards release. And we don't expect players to grind out extant content for these items. We'll be releasing new content as fast as we can write it, which will provide more and more resources for the player. The items are expensive, yes, but the player's buying power will only increase. Secondly, we recognise that the specific items used for trading to the Bazaar Sidestreets shops can be difficult to obtain for a high level player. We are looking into addressing this issue - we'll have an announcement when we've worked out the best way to sort it out.

JulianNorwich Apr 11, 7:50pm

I'm slammed up against the 110 barrier in all my characteristics and I'm finding that now that I have my velocipede I can't get far at all in any of the storylines that present themselves. Maybe I need to spend even more on hats and weapons, etc. But it seems really hard to make progress when the difficulty becomes "almost impossible" quite soon after the initial opportunity card if not at that card. Also, will I ever be able to back to the Court or to University? Despite my complaints, I love your game and when I feel that there is space for me to more I'll go back to having two candles. Meryl (JulianNorwich)

Amal El-Mohtar Apr 10, 2:58pm

I'm very excited about the new content! My one concern is that so many of the things with which one purchases special items from the Side Streets are no longer readily available at present levels. Having reached the caps in Persuasive and Watchful, and gotten beyond 100 in both Shadow and Dangerous, I'm finding it hard to acquire Whispered Secrets and Deep Amber. Is this part of the Narrative Economic plan? To always take something of a loss on items traded, if I spend turns earning Cryptic Clues and then having to sell them in order to purchase Whispered Secrets?

Joe Apr 9, 3:10am

I've got deeply mixed feelings about this part of the game. On the one hand, some of the new content is very cool. Yes, I would like a ship. And a basalt-lined ballroom. Hell, a clay sedan chair sounds cool too. On the other hand, I've already got a day job, and I don't want a new one as a gold farmer. I don't play traditional MMOs in part because I don't enjoy repetitively grinding in games to be able to do stuff. That's part of why I'm playing Echo Bazaar. I can tolerate a bit of it, and have for some of the storylines, but this? Now all I'm doing is seeking out places where I can get the most Whispered Secrets or Deep Amber or whatever and hitting OK, over and over again. I'm not learning more about the world; I'm not experiencing cool storylines. I'm trying to figure otu where the hell I can find 80+ Lamplighter Beeswax per action. I'm grinding. And I don't like that, and it will ultimately bore me enough to abandon the game. I'm not there yet, but I can see it from here. For reference, I've been playing this a while (check if you want) and am an "Exceptional Friend" who doesn't mind burning Fate (you can check that too) because I think you guys deserve to get paid for making this outstanding world. I'm a booster and supporter. But. I really, really don't like having to be a farmer. Really. And while I'm not price-sensitive, I'm *very* boredom-sensitive. And I hope you guys are paying attention to those of us who are in your game instead of normal MMOs precisely because we hate this exact kind of grinding gameplay.

James Apr 9, 12:08am

Yea, the "narrative economics" is brilliant, and I'm fine with saving up to acquire advanced items and unique opportunities, but my only hope is that new high echo storylets will be released soon, otherwise this game has become a grindfest and no fun at all. What's the point of a story driven game when you do the same thing over and over all day every day for two weeks... to get one step closer to one item. No character development, no chance to grow if you've reached a level cap, and no end in sight. Just grinding to get the next cool thing. I didn't realize that farmville was to be the sixth city

curious_fellow Apr 8, 8:52pm

Apparently, it was some sort of glitch - or so I'm told - and has been fixed. My faith in your team continues to grow. :)

Nigel Apr 8, 8:10pm

@curious_fellow you have raised interesting questions. We'll discuss matters and get back to you.

curious_fellow Apr 8, 7:04pm

I've been playing for awhile. The game is wonderful; the narratives are enthralling, the mythos behind it amazing. I was excited to see Part Two come up, looking forward to new content... and I was actually /happy/ to see the expense of all the new VIP items. It meant that if you really wanted something, you needed to really work and sacrifice for it. It was a challenge. ...that said, just today I burnt a /significant/ chunk of my items and money to try and get one of these items. Three Legal Contracts worth. 6000 Whispered Secrets, 3000 Cryptic Clues, 300 Infernal Contracts, 1500 Proscribed Materials. And I get 'You were unlucky!' and everything is burnt. I get nothing for my efforts. A matter of risk is not only accepted, but -desired- in a game like this. If it's all handed to you, why bother? But this goes beyond the realm of risk and into 'Why should I bother spending a week straight doing nothing but grinding high-echo storylets to try something like this again, knowing that chances are high that I'll get nothing for it and have to try again?'. This is poor design. It's not fun, and it encourages people to quit, which means less money for you all. I hope you reconsider this sort of design philosophy.

Robert Apr 8, 2:56pm

I weep for the fact that I may soon have to buy 400 echoes worth of gun in order to get to fight the spider mounted rats. I also weep for my bankbalance in general. Its all good content and I am looking forward to getting it, but the sheer amount of stuff I will need! It could take me several months to gather it all. And what sort of area is the "next thing to be released" going to give? Please say it involves large sacks of rostygold, rats and silk being sent to everyones property. :D Thanks again for the awesome content, it is very much appreciated, no matter how ruinously expensive it is.

Nigel Apr 8, 1:31pm

The opportunities that become available at A Person of Some Little Consequence 7 are not otherwise locked by highway qualities or areas. If you've not seen any for a while, you've simply been unlucky. @Robert there will be some new high-level Dangerous content soon. It's not the next thing that will be released, but it will be around shortly. @Matt the lodgings cards are not set to specific areas or locked off with high highway qualities. It is a matter of luck. @Kris It may not be the wisest of ideas to look for that quality. If, as you say, you live on laudanum, it will no doubt find you in the fullness of time.

Moi Apr 8, 7:12am

I'm at A Person of Some Little Consequence 7, and got one card (which required me to get a ruinously expensive outfit) two days ago and....nothing since. Is this normal, or are my stats somehow keeping me from getting cards?

Kris Apr 8, 3:56am

Woo! I am loving this! I am almost a person of importance! I noticed new quality-locked storylets pertaining to a 'less than laudable laudanum habit'. I practically live off the stuff, but I don't have it. How might one go about acquiring this quality?

Matt - Apr 8, 1:27am

I'm having difficulty progressing in little consequence as well. I'm at 7 and have cards that require me to purchase houses. Unfortunately, though I have the resources to buy them, the cards never seem to come up. Am I simply too high level to get them? Or do I have to be at a specific location? I remember them coming up very often in the past, but it's been two full days that I've been looking for them and they've never been dealt. Is there a way around this? Or perhaps do the conditions for the cards to show up need to be tinkered with?

Delphine Apr 7, 6:05pm

Err… I'm 'A person of some little consequence' 7 and I don't get any Barrister's Opportunities since 2 days. Is it normal?

Robert Apr 7, 2:06pm

THE EXPENSE! Dear God Failbetter! THE EXPENSE! I just wanted to ask you guys if there is likely to be a new content update soon to increase dangerous? Because whilst I lack only a final +4 to my dangerousness to get it maximised with all the trimmings some of the tasks (the rat army in particular) seem ruinously hard.

aerineth Apr 7, 5:07am

@Alice Thank you muchly for that. I must have been overwhelmed by my new dizzying heights and missed that bit. And here I thought I had read it all so carefully..

Little The Apr 6, 11:52pm

I'm currently busy in the Empress' Court, but will dive into this new content as soon as possible. By the way, this is kind of random, but are there any uses for Incendiary Gossip, Secluded Addresses, and Inklings of Identity, or can I sell them?

jillheather Apr 6, 9:06pm

I am impressed at the pricing levels in the side-streets. Rent outside the bazaar must be much higher than inside. (The new content seems like I'll enjoy it, once I grind away enough to get the appropriate items to buy things.) Thank you for reopening the side streets -- and for not charging us to get there.

Alice Apr 6, 7:04pm

@aerineth Ah, you may have missed the instructions given by the Ambitious Barrister - go to your 'Me' tab and swap your Cameo for your Lodgings to see these slots. Just click on your Cameo and all will be clear!

aerineth Apr 6, 6:25pm

Sadness. I have gathered the resources and in return successfully obtained a velocipede, but alas my new equipment slots (and unused velocipede) are nowhere to be found :( I've tried a couple refreshes, etc. Is there something else to be done so they kick in? I have been appropriately deemed A Person Of Some Importance, of course.

James Walker Apr 6, 3:39pm


Nigel Apr 6, 1:53pm

There was a bug with the Bazaar Sidestreets appearing, which should now be fixed.

jillheather Apr 6, 7:32am

I have the Sharper's Pass, and it says I can go to the sidestreets of the Bazaar, and my profile page says I have that route, but I cannot find it on the map. Is it upcoming, or is this a bug, or am I just entirely blind?

Zack Apr 6, 2:10am

I managed to get the route: Bazaar sidestreets, but I can't find them on my travel map. Is there an opportunity I haven't gotten yet?

Robert Apr 6, 2:09am

I am just wondering if I need to "travel" to the sidestreets of the bazaar in order to view this new content, because I have just gotten up to rank 10 and I can't seem to do anything at all new. I've got all of the new options on my "me" page, but I can't find anything to fill it with. Sorry to bother you.

Alice Apr 6, 12:52am

@Chelsea - The story will proceed by opportunity card from there. @amaresu Flute street is part of a separate story, available to high level Watchful players. @anonymous and @Jolly - To reach the second half of the game, you will need to play through the majority of the first half. Indeed, it's entirely consonant that to become a Person of Some Importance, you would need to be known and respected throughout the whole of Fallen London. However, we are aware that some players are roleplaying a specific kind of character and have offered the Fate option so that these players can proceed while preserving their character consistency.

Jolly Apr 6, 12:22am

I'm confused why the the new storylet requires I have 100 Dangerous when I got it for having 100 Persuasive. My character isn't that style, so I have to pay money for Fate to keep him as is and continue? It doesn't make sense.

Anonymous Apr 6, 12:13am

I've tried to start the storyline, but quickly hit a hitch. Why do I need 100 Dangerous to continue a storyline I earned with 100 Shadowy? What if my opinion of my character is that he is not dangerous? Why do I have to pay Fate to skip and preserve my character integrity?

amaresu Apr 5, 10:51pm

This is so very exciting. I'm eagerly awaiting cards to appear in my Opportunity deck. Also does this mean Flute Street will open?

Chelsea Apr 5, 10:31pm

I've got to "A Person of Some Little Consequence 7" - how do I progress from there? Or is that as far as you can get now?

Nigel Apr 5, 8:44pm

@jbd the Barrister sequence comprises both storylets and opportunities. You've not finished it if you still have the 'A person of some little consequence' quality.

jbd Apr 5, 8:09pm

Just to clarify: after the Barrister sequence of cards ended there's other opportunity cards that pop up later, and when choosing those (or finishing the second sequence of whatever) the inventory slots appear? Or am I missing something?

Mr. T Apr 5, 7:59pm

Oh, nevermind. Those are EXCEPTIONAL friends. This is so confusing. I say we all just call each other buds and get it over with.

Nigel Apr 5, 7:59pm

@Julian The slots only become available at the end of that sequence. @Mr.T I think you're confusing delicious friends with Exceptional Friends. The new content is available equally to both.

Mr. T Apr 5, 7:57pm

Nigel, why mention the distinction of delicious friend? Are non-subscribers going to have to put in extra effort or pay for this new content?

JulianNorwich Apr 5, 7:45pm

Not seeing the new slots, where will they be? I have gotten the start of the Ambitious Barrister narrative.

Nigel Apr 5, 6:22pm

@Joe The new content starts with opportunities. These arise for delicious friends with at least one of Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy or Watchful at 100+.

Kit Apr 5, 5:43pm

Yay! (...still want the University back, though. Just so you know.)

Joe Apr 5, 5:33pm

Should I be seeing the new slots yet?

~autolycus Apr 5, 4:26pm