Retiring the Fallen London App

By Haley Uyrus, February 19, 2018 · Android Failbetter Fallen London iOS

After careful consideration we’ve decided to close the Fallen London app on both iOS and Android. This will happen in stages:

  • On 26th February, it’ll be removed from the App Store and Google Play store
  • On 23rd March we will remove the option to purchase anything within the app (ie. Fate, Exceptional Friendship etc.).
  • And then finally on 25th April, the app will be fully retired and disconnected from our servers

Despite our best efforts during development, the app just doesn’t function as we wanted it to, and we’ve reluctantly concluded that much of this is due to some fundamental architectural decisions that it’s not now practical to change. Perhaps for that reason, it also hasn’t been as popular as we’d hoped, and every update we make to the game needs to be duplicated for the app, making it harder and slower for us to improve the game overall.

Rather than continuing to maintain the app under these circumstances, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on improving and modernising the current website. As a result of this work, the web version should provide a much better experience than it currently does on mobile, and we’re hopeful it will meet the needs of our current mobile players. We aim to put the updated website live sometime in April ahead of the full retiring of the app, barring any unforeseen technical issues or nasty bugs.

We’re sure you’ll have many questions and concerns, so please check out our FAQ and feel free to get in touch with us at


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