Fallen London Fan Art Competition: Fin de Siècle in Fallen London!

September 5, 2017 · Art Fallen London

Delicious friends, we’re always exceptionally impressed with your incredible Fallen London art, and so we’re excited to hold another fan art competition! This year, we’re celebrating the Early Access release of Sunless Skies, the spiritual sequel to Sunless Sea. One of the main artistic influences of Sunless Skies is art nouveau, and so we thought […]

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Discernment: our first guest artist!

September 24, 2015 · Art Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

Our Exceptional Story for October 2015 is Discernment, a story of love and infernal theology by Em Short. For the first time in Fallen London’s history we have a guest artist! Mark Penman has contributed a piece for Discernment’s promotional artwork – the front cover of the story, if you like – and the character […]

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How to make an island

August 13, 2014 · Art

Hi folks, Paul here. I’ve been meaning to do an arty blog for ages, and since most of my time at the moment is spent making new terrain, I thought I’d go through that process for you step by step.  This isn’t especially technical, but it’ll make more sense if you’ve got a passing knowledge […]

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Art direction

April 23, 2014 · Art Failbetter

Paul Arendt: flensing weapons do you have any steer on this? is it still basically harpoons, or flechettes or something? Alexis Kennedy: er well the equipment in question: Leadbeater & Stainrod ‘Britomart’ Flensing-Cannon Stampshod’s ‘Calvary’ Prong Launcher Caminus Yards Heart-Ender so there you go. prongs, flensing, shaft through the heart I guess my main steer […]

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October 24, 2013 · Art Sunless Sea

Fresh art from Paul! All these enigmatic souls are going into the game now. You can find out more about them in the Fallen London Hallowmas content… THE BANDAGED POISSONIER. There are finer fish-cooks, but none more final.   THE GENIAL MAGICIAN. His experience with smoke and mirrors may be useful. But he can become disconsolate […]

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